Biofield Tuning - Healing with Sound Vibration

Biofield Tuning is a preventative health practice that resets the electromagnetic rhythms of the body. Our bodies are the most intelligent instruments we will ever know.  They get out of tune, just like musical instruments and vehicles get out of tune. Bringing a coherent frequency into our biofield gives our body the opportunity to correct and harmonize on its own.

We are our own best healer

When we give our body the input it needs, an optimal flow of health is readily available- sourced from its own internal system.

How Does Biofield Tuning Work?

Biofield Tuning is a very gentle way of allowing your story to vibrationally unveil itself. We are made of vibrational matter, and this modality realigns, restores and renews the system, with effortless access and adjustment, from the central cause of any issue.

During a tuning session, we discover the full range of vibrational material existing in the body- emotions, as sounds. The tuning fork reveals a full spectrum of underlying frequencies, and reconfigures each, to create balance, peace and space.

Softly, we work through each ‘out of tune’ pattern, allowing for deep discovery and shift, allowing room for freedom, creativity, and joy. This, in turn, activates our own dormant personal power source. This naturally allows each recipient to take ownership of their choices, without emotional interference.

Biofield Tuning will reveal the stories beneath our biology, which may hold out of tune patterns, ready for gentle realignment. It’s a complete ‘tuning’ of the energetic field, from the source of discomfort, disease and disrepair.

Tuning will softly disentangle the stories, and sometimes even move them entirely out of the biofield. The emotional charge, attached to each, can then realign and renew, with ease. Stories often dissipate altogether, allowing us the freedom to write a new story, and invite new energetic experiences in the body.

Patterns that once caused frequent pain and stress naturally come into alignment with this method, creating happiness, empowerment, and vibrancy. It is the ultimate restorative tool, which is non-invasive, gentle, but invites powerful shifts.

Diminishing and resolving the dissonance in our biofield relaxes the nervous system, which helps alleviate conditions such as physical pain, anxiety & depression, adrenal fatigue, digestive issues and trouble sleeping. Biofield Tuning has also had remarkable success in treating PTSD.

***Biofield Tuning is contraindicated for those who are pregnant, under treatment for cancer and those with a pacemaker.

Reduces Symptoms Of:

Addictive Behaviors
Adrenal Disorders
Autoimmune Disorders
Chronic Fatigue
Chronic Pain
Creative Blocks
Digestive Issues
Fears and Phobias
Low Energy
Menstrual Issues
Panic Attacks
Relationship Issues
Scar Tissue
Stress and Anxiety
Trouble With Decision Making

Specialty Sessions:

What To Expect During a Session

Step 1 – Activate Meridian Points
Step 2 – Activate Earth Star Chakra, Sun Star Chakra and Sushumna central energy column
Step 3 – Check all Chakra points to identify any imbalances
Step 4 – Comb the biofield to receive vibrational feedback of any energetic entanglements and/or reoccurring patterns that are out of flow
Step 5 – Add coherent signal to biofield using Solfeggio frequencies, Fibonnaci frequencies and crystal frequencies, bringing the field back into harmony
Step 6 – Final techniques to seal the biofield and ground back into body