The following is a list of specific situations or conditions that Biofield Tuning should not be used in conjunction with:


  • Detox pathways are often too compromised and the body doesn’t have the resources to manage the process
  • Detox can be severe
  • Tumors seem to be irritated by tuning

Terminal Illness

  • Body systems are compromised and do not have capacity to digest energy
  • Detox can be severe


  • Tuning forks are too strong for the system
  • Detox can be severe


  • Could potentially send client into detox
  • Risk for miscarriage

Pacemaker or Medical Implants

  • Tuning forks could interfere with these devices

Recent Concussions

  • Brain is swollen and takes a while for inflammation to resolve
  • Wait at least 3 months before doing a tuning on the head, 6 months is even better

Morbid obesity

  • Not necessarily contraindicated, but can create profound detox
  • Suppressed emotions held in fat cells
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