Distance Sessions

How Distance Sessions Work – Written by Eileen Day Mckusick

As people are finding themselves at home, more and more people are asking me HOW exactly distance Biofield Tuning sessions actually work.

Let me preface my explanation with the fact that I did not believe it was possible to do Biofield Tuning at a distance and I, quite honestly, scoffed arrogantly at the very thought of it, like many or even most people do.

Until a colleague of mine who is an MD twisted my arm and made me try to do one for him. I was in my office in Vermont, he was in his office in California, and we had no open line of communication between us.

I was extremely skeptical but I approached the table pretending he was actually there and much to my amazement, the same vibrational pattern that I had learned to read around human bodies, showed up as if he was actually there.

I went through his whole field, listening closely, taking notes, and then got on the phone with him when I was done and relayed what I had found and worked with.

I correctly identified the organs he was having issues with, the locations of inflammation, ages where he experienced high stress, described the personality of his mother and the quality of their relationship, an age he had been sick as a child, and more. And he reported that he felt quite different when we were done.

So – even without believing in it, I was able to conduct a Biofield Tuning session over an empty table with someone 3000 miles away as effectively as if he had been in the room with me.

Naturally, the question was, how?

The answer I have come to after many years of study is that the simplest answer is “resonance in the aether”. The trouble is, that most people don’t know what the aether is or what resonance in it means.

There is a big paradigm gap here! People want to know the “science” behind why it works, but there is no official science. According to official science, we are peddling snake oil when we say we can do this at a distance.

However, this hypothesis has been tested countless times by thousands of people over the last decade and always yields the same result – the same information that is accessible when the client is there is also accessible when the client is not there.

People who experience distance sessions describe the same state changes described by people who experience in person sessions.

Therefore, there must be a law of nature that governs it, even if there is no law of current “science for the masses” that explains it.

And to me, that law is that all of nature, the universe and creation is one unbroken, unified field of light, and that this field is holographic – meaning information present in one place is present everywhere else, and with intention, just like picking a book off a library shelf, I can pick the file that is you out of the aether and place it on my table to read.

The aether is the same as the Akasha, or Akashic record – it is the “cloud” that records every keystroke that ever is was or will ever be, which means this information is accessible to anyone who knows how to tune into it.

It is also the same thing as the Zero-point field, the Planck field, the Higgs field, the Source field or simply, the field – but I choose to use the classical term of aether to describe it.

This unified field that gives rise to the world we see around us not only explains distance healing but remote viewing and a whole host of other “pseudoscientific” capabilities that humans have, that official science tries very hard to dismiss, despite huge amounts of data demonstrating that there is in fact, a natural law at work here.

To understand how distance healing works means to understand the essential oneness of everything – it means moving beyond the illusion of separation that many of us are living under, and grasping that we are all part of the same unified soup of vibrating electricity in the infinite field of the electromagnetic spectrum. And that we can connect instantaneously through resonance in this field.

Distance Session Testimonials From Around The World

“I recently had a biofield tuning session with Jayme from the comfort of my home in Cape Town, South Africa. Although I’d previously experienced distance readings, my session was to be my first “body work” distance session and I was greatly surprised at the efficacy. As we’re almost at other sides of the planet, I really wasn’t expecting the session to have as much of a physical impact as an in-person healing or reiki session may deliver. However my experience was the opposite: I felt no distance between us and, in fact, felt the energy flowing very strongly through me. Perhaps because of the distance, my mind wasn’t distracted by the usual sensory distractions and all my focus was on receiving the healing itself.

The session had lasting results and I woke the next morning feeling totally at peace and energetically rejuvenated. Physically, it helped with my sleep and emotionally, with releasing anxiety I’d been carrying over a stressful period.

Jayme started the session with a guided meditation and activation of certain energy points. From there she moved to balancing the chakra points and used vibrational tones to realign my energy. She gently guided me through a life-map of key events and shared essential wisdom. My session helped me to see a part of myself that I’d turned a blind eye on over ten years ago and I found it very powerful.

The session incorporates energy medicine, sacred sound, meditation and wisdom in a very unique way. This is a healing modality like no other! It helped me during a period of high stress and I feel that it’s something I’d like to return to frequently on my journey.

I can recommend booking a distance session when you can be sure of privacy and peace, and have a warm blanket handy. After the session I quickly wrote down the insights for later reflection. Thanks to Jayme and Sacred Vibrational Therapy for bringing this healing gift into my life.”

Nicola Fanucchi
Cape Town, South Africa

“I was interested to experience an energy healing with Jayme and as I am based in England in the U.K we scheduled an appointment over Skype. To get the most out of our session I chose to book for the evening so I could be relaxing in a quiet space a few hours before bedtime.

Jayme began the session by explaining a little about the process which I found to be very helpful as I’d not experienced a Biofield Tuning before and her warm and caring nature immediately put me at ease. She then continued with an open dialogue as we discussed specific areas of my life which needed attention.

During the treatment Jayme talked me through each step, I could clearly hear the sound of the tuning forks vibrating as she worked on each area, I was wearing headphones so the resonance felt really lovely in my ears too. She gently guides you with the breath during the session and through further inquiry and discussion we were able to pin point more areas that required release.

I felt subtle energy fluctuations through-out the treatment with the occasional tingle around the base of my neck, I felt I was suspended within a warm glorious bubble of treacle like energy! When Jayme was working on my left side I felt totally relaxed, held and still, like being in the womb, I had a deep sense of calm and surrender, I felt safe throughout the whole process. At one point my temperature rose quite dramatically and I started to sweat all over, Jayme was quick to reassure me that this was simply a release of energy and so I wasn’t alarmed at all.

However when Jayme switched to my right side my energy shifted quite a bit. The process seemed quicker, I moved my legs and felt much lighter in my body and actually sat up. . . my whole being felt freer and more alert, I felt more conscious and switched on too.

After the session I was advised to keep hydrated and be easy on myself.

It has been a few days since the session, I tend to have quite an analytical mind and so the first night sleep was quite restless for me as I was going back over the insights that Jayme had shared with me. But since then, my energy levels and general sense of well being have improved a great deal and I am sleeping very well. It was such a wonderful experience to connect, Jayme is pure of heart and has an extraordinary gift, I could feel her warmth and compassionate nature as soon as we connected and look forward to delving deeper at the next opportunity.“

Jen Dodson
Glastonbury, England

“When I booked my Distance session I had NO idea what to expect from Biofield Tuning. I had had no previous experience or exposure with Vibrational Therapy. Jayme made me feel so safe and held the entire time. Her explanation of the process made me feel as if I was actually in the room with her.

Right from the beginning I felt physical responses within my body. At one stage when having my Earth Start chakra tuned I felt my entire body vibrating. Later, I experienced physical reactions or pain, pins and needles and cold and hot rushes, relevant to the stagnant energy that was cleared for me.

My whole body was full of energy afterwards and even my friends who I saw after, knew I’d been through something because I was glowing. Jayme helped me to process and release emotional situations I’d not even realised I was holding, but definitely felt lighter for acknowledging.

It was just the healing I needed, and I’m still feeling the affects of this incredible therapy. I will be booking again and have recommended to my friends and family as well.”

Emma Rachelle
Queensland, Australia

“I felt so held, and seen, and loved.

It was beautiful how Jayme talked me through the whole thing, I never felt nervous about what was going to happen and I didn’t need to worry about what was expected of me. I really liked that, Jayme made me feel really safe.

I could definitely feel how Jayme and/or my guardian angels were working on different parts of me, the broad distance wasn’t a problem at all. I sensed the work that Jayme did as a light pressure on the part she was working with, and a tingling energy was present.

Afterwards I have only felt good. This session gave a kick to my development of a better sense of self worth, and that’s what I want the most.

Thanks to an idea by Jayme I added a small thing to my daily spiritual practice, which helps both on keeping the session accurate and the progress to continue.

Jaymes healing is absolutely amazing and I can totally recommend to try it if you have the possibility.”

Hanna Klockers
Uppsala, Sweden

“Jayme’s warmth of Spirit naturally invites Trust and Surrender. Her approach and masterful communication was of such comfort to “sink into”. The way she expressed everything, from the way the Biofield Tuning session was going to unfold to her intuitively given examples covering the wholeness of what was to come was on point, as was the clarity of her perceptions of my energy field and experiences held in my field. Her creating Sacred Space & guided visualizations were obviously divinely assisted, given the level of surrender I was able to allow. She makes it so easy to let go and allow! What a gift!

I’ve been on this conscious path of awakening to remembering since 2011, have explored many different modalities over the years and have only recently truly come into the innerstanding what being Present means after years of reprogramming myself in the direction of embodiment of highest Truth and Unity Consciousness. This extra-fine tuning of my Biofield has absolutely deepened the anchoring of the whole experience of being present. Given I now consider myself to be somewhat seasoned as an “Ascension path wayshower”, as empathic as imaginably possible and have always been a seeker. I have explored both the depths and the heights of consciousness in my own way and this modality moves Energy in an unforeseen very powerful way.

It is known that usually it takes 3-4 days for a session of pretty much any modality to “fully integrate” and move through our entire field. It has taken me 8 days so far and it’s still moving through! I can’t believe the depth of the clearings I received and the clarity and gentleness within which I am flowing with more and more. And the benefits of clearings and upgrades were felt as the session was still occurring, physically mostly and then the all encompassing upgrade I feel has really reached all layers and levels of expression of my being. I have rested a lot and had more active days, but mostly focused on being present to body and to the new that is unfolding in all ways. Simply put, the level of openness and Trust I Am feeling is MagicALLy fueling my ability to “work with Intention”, go about everything in an effortless & Prayerful Way.

I knew to Trust in how the post-session integration was going although I was afflicted by a migraine and on and off headaches for a few days, so I did not go forth with a follow-up session that Jayme offered. As I said, the wholeness of the benefits has been felt throughout, even before the session, so I totally honor Jayme’s generous devotion to her commitment to be in Service to The Light.

I Am definitely keeping Biofield Tuning on top of my Spiritual maintenance list and will recommend to anyone, even “advanced” embodiers who might be in need of a little extra support to break through whatever might be lingering.

Bless The Journey, Infinitely Grateful I Am”

Marie-Annick Diotte
Ontario, Canada