Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)

Neuro Linguistic Programming uses a number of different techniques to help with personal development, relieve stress and anxiety, and work through habits that may be getting in the way of our success. Most of us have picked up some limiting beliefs about ourselves while journeying along our path. These limiting beliefs, or thought patterns, often hold us back from being our true selves.

The fundamental principle of NLP is about maximizing
the unique potential that already exists within you.

Neuro Linguisitc Programming (NLP) pairs perfectly with the practice of Biofield Tuning. While we are in the biofield, we can often see the exact age when a limiting belief is formed and how that belief has had an effect throughout different stages. When we can chase the belief back to its source, it provides an opportunity to re-write the belief. This is done with verbal communication and vibrationally, as the tuning fork replaces the entangled frequency with a coherent frequency unique specifically for us.

Sometimes the belief was imprinted on us through a person of authority, such as a parent or a teacher. In this circumstance, we move that energetic imprint straight out of the biofield. Sometimes the belief is something we have created on an unconscious level to help us feel safe. In this circumstance, we harmonize the energetic imprint with frequency so it can get back into circulation for the Chakra to process naturally. This creates an alignment shift, allowing us to have a more positive attitude in each present moment and become empowered to make decisions that have a positive impact.

When we remove these ingrained beliefs layer by layer, the unconscious mind starts to automatically work for us. We become more balances and its easier to trust our instincts because they are no longer clouded with incorrect beliefs running constantly in the background.

Once we have identified the pattern and shifted it energetically into alignment, we can come up with a strategy on how to execute the new pattern into daily life. It is helpful to bring a notebook and something to write with so that notes can be taken during the post-session integration.