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One Heart – Day 11

One Heart – A Call To Kindness
Day 11 of 12: Biofield Tuning the Collective Field

Often times, while I am in session, the tuning fork takes on a life of its own. I do my best to follow its momentum. Sometimes it feels like the fork is conducting an orchestra, sometimes it carries a strong heart rhythm, sometimes it feels like a dolphin riding the waves of the ocean…it’s always beautiful to be a part of the experience.

When tuning the collective energy field yesterday, there were several chakras that showed up out of balance and I found it interesting to observe a lot of the ‘charge’ was found toward the edge of the field. In the Biofield Tuning anatomy, this is the time of birth, infancy and the toddler years.

As I worked through these outer edges, the tuning fork moved into a rocking motion, which always feels like an energetic lullaby to me. It wasn’t until after I became a Biofield Tuning practitioner that I realized so many of us were not rocked and cuddled as much as we should have been when we were little ones. Many of us were not sung to, or read to, as much as our little hearts desired. That lack of connection plays out in a wide variety of ways as we move into adulthood. Often, we can find ourselves angry, sad and resentful for all that we deserved to receive, but didn’t.

Most of the energy that was coming through this session was that of the mother and father wounds. Our relationship with our parents can be quite complicated at times. I felt so much blame as I worked through the field. As we start to look upon our past, it’s natural to want to call our parents out on what they did or didn’t do. Sometimes we don’t get the apology we hope for or the opportunity to reconcile the relationship. It’s easy to get stuck in the blame game and not be able to move past the past. But when we stay in blame…when we can’t find it in our hearts to forgive…it negatively affects our health and it holds us back from our freedom.

The truth is that we are our own best mother and we are our own best father. And it’s never too late to rock ourselves and sing our own lullaby.

Every human being is born with a soul song. It’s a song that is unique to each of us. A frequency and rhythm that no one else who has ever walked this planet carries. I know my soul song very well….however, it only comes to me when I take the time to sit quiet and still. When I sing my soul song, it is the best self love practice that I can do for myself. Sure, massages and pedicures are nice, but when we deepen into the frequency of our soul, we align with pure love. It’s a love that can only come from within, not from anyone or anything in the external realm.

So if you are feeling down, I invite you to go for a drive (or jump in the shower) and allow yourself to hum or tone until your voice finds its own unique rhythm. I invite you to rock back and forth, feeling yourself deepen into self love. When we sing our soul song, we send our own healing frequency throughout each cell in our body and it ripples out into our field. It clears the static, allowing us to think and feel clearer. It calms and resets our nervous system. It connects us into our heart and when we move through life connected into our hearts, we get the opportunity to embody all the love in which we seek.

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