Apr 07

One Heart – Day 12

One Heart – A Call To Kindness
Day 12 of 12: Biofield Tuning the Collective Field

It’s my final day of the Call to Kindness initiative and what a beautiful journey this has been. On day 4, I worked on obstacles in the way of letting go of the past. Yesterday’s tuning was the very first session that there hasn’t been a tight grip on the past, so I was very pleased to see a shift in the field. In this session, what came up was obstacles in the way of fully opening our hearts. I‘m really happy that we finally got to the heart chakra…it took several sessions to get here, but we made it!

The truth is, we have all the wisdom we will ever need residing in our hearts. So if you feel any walls built around your heart, I invite you to listen intently to your heart, hold space for all that comes up, trust the guidance you receive, and take your time with the process. I heard loud and clear, “it takes time” about 3-4 times during the tuning, so it feels important to note that there is no need to feel rushed. We are all in the process of a huge transition. So many shifts are taking place. We are returning home…to our hearts.

I’ve been listening to my heart pretty closely these past few weeks and it keeps showing me how beautiful humanity is and how close we are to standing side by side as ONE, so beautifully united in our diversity.

Our hearts are truly finding their wings…much love!!!

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My passion is to delicately hold sacred space for each individual as they walk the path to their personal healing, guiding them to find their authentic power and leading them to live a life with complete freedom to be their unique selves.

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