Mar 17

One Heart – Day 2

One Heart – A Call To Kindness
Day 2 of 12: Biofield Tuning the Collective Field

What came up today when working on in the collective field was the right foot and the third eye. In the Biofield Tuning anatomy map, the energy we carry in our right foot is described as how we feel about the ground ahead of us. It made sense that this would be the focus of the tuning session because while I was grounding the earth star chakra in my opening sequence, the chakra very strongly held the frequency of despair.

This virus is bringing with it a need to create new structural changes. There are a vast number of people who feel as though the ground has been ripped from underneath them. But with chaos brings opportunity and I feel that we have such an incredible opportunity to pause and ask ourselves, “How do we want our path ahead to look?”

What we “see” right now is critical, because our bodies hold the frequency of the input that we give it. This means that our imagination is just as important as what we experience on a physical level. If we “see” our future paths as grim, our bodies are going to hold the frequency of despair, fear, grief, anger, etc. However, if we envision that our path unfolds beautifully, if we tune in to the possibility that this virus is detoxing humanity from systems that haven’t been serving us for quite some time, if we show our body that we are carrying hope in our hearts…the universe is going to match that vision. We become the creators of the path before us.

I invite you to take some time over the next couple of weeks to imagine in every little detail how you want the world to look once we get through this crisis. Will humanity be more compassionate and provide in abundance to those in need? Will we feel more unity in this effort? Will we be less dependent upon the structures that contain us? Will we feel more free? Will we create space in our hearts to love more? What will you change in your own personal life? Our lives are usually to busy to imagine. How beautiful is it that we get to stop for a moment and paint the picture of how we want the future to look like?

If you have any feelings of despair in this moment, I invite you to acknowledge that feeling, give it space to be seen, and then release it with an inner knowing that you have the power to create your reality. Putting your feet in the dirt, grass, or sand, not only absorbs those lower vibrational frequencies, it helps you to really root into the Earth. When we strengthen the connection to Mother Gaia, it helps clear all frequencies of fear, anxiety, and depression. If it’s too cold outside, another option is to have a bath (or a foot soak) in epsom salts. Taking a moment to imagine the core of the Earth and tune into the Earth’s heartbeat helps to reset the nervous system. When we feel the support of Mother Gaia, it helps us to keep putting one foot in front of the other with ease and grace.

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