Mar 20

One Heart – Day 5

One Heart – A Call To Kindness
Day 5 of 12: Biofield Tuning the Collective Field

The collective field was very busy today…we are all sorting through lots of data at the moment, both consciously and unconsciously. Several themes came through.

Theme 1: polarization. As I was grounding the field in the opening sequence, the tone kept switching between anxiety and excitement. On one hand, the collective has a wide range of individuals who are in fear for their life. One the other hand, the collective has a wide range of individuals that know deep within, this crisis is going to catapult some very positive changes that will assist the many generations to come. If you are feeling anxiety, you can try to shift it into excitement by (a.) thinking about three things you are grateful for, (b.) envisioning what you want the future to look like and tuning into what that feels like in your body, and (c.) check in with your breath, and if you are breathing into your chest, try taking a few long and deep breathes. If the anxiety does not shift, that’s okay. Sit with it. Give yourself some space to just be, without judgment that the anxiety is bad or good. The anxiety could be trying to work it’s way out of your system or quite possibly it could be showing you what wants to be seen.

There was also a back and forth between alarm (high fear) and strength. What this is telling me is that if you feel alarmed at this time, if you are feeling on high alert towards what is going to happen next, there is much strength available for you to tap into. The effects of this virus is starting to affect our economy. But the truth is, we’ve already been through a huge financial collapse. We learned from that time, we adjusted, we grew and we became stronger. Now let’s use the knowledge and understanding gained from that lesson and move into strength, knowing that we are going to make it through this even stronger than before. The choice is ours.

Theme 2: feeling again. The masculine side of the heart chakra was in need of some balancing. This is where we hold the energy of saying “yes” when we mean “no”. One thing I always tell my clients is that if it’s not a “Hell, yes!”, it’s a “No”. Our bodies have a very specific and intelligent way of communicating with us, but the vast majority of us haven’t learned to listen. We give our responsibilities and our commitments more priority than what is needed for our bodies to be healthy and vibrant. This downtime is the perfect time to learn how to really tune into your body. All it takes is a little silence, stillness, and willingness to feel what is coming up for you. When we collectively start to make decisions based on how we feel in our hearts….we become more unified and experience more peace.

Theme 3: syncing up to cycles. Everything in our universe revolves around cycles. Living the stereotypical modern lifestyle doesn’t honor these cycles. We eat seasonal fruit and vegetables all year round, we don’t allow more time for rest during the winter, we use bright fluorescent lights in our homes at night time which doesn’t prepare our bodies for sleep. What came through is that this time of rest is teaching us the importance of these cycles. These cycles are part of our natural environment and when we allow ourselves to sync up to them, we create more opportunity. We become healthier, more rested, more balanced, more centered, more grounded.

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