Mar 25

One Heart – Day 8

One Heart – A Call To Kindness
Day 8 of 12: Biofield Tuning the Collective Field

There was a three-point geometry when tuning the collective energy field yesterday. Both sides of the sacral chakra and the heart chakra. We are birthing (sacral) a new era and what better way to do this than through the heart. But first, there is work to be done.

When the sacral chakra is out of balance, it creates a spiral of blame. On one side, we store guilt and shame, which is often either too painful to be seen or our ego keeps it hidden to ‘protect’ us. On the other side, we store frustration and disappointment, which we often try to contain in an effort to avoid conflict.

Too often, we hold this all in and when our bodies cry out, through depression, anxiety, immune disorders, etc., we find ways to cope with it and continue through our day.

The antidote to all of this is for us to start taking responsibility for how we feel in our bodies. Our emotions are our teachers. If we feel frustrated or disappointed about something in the external realm, turn that within…find the places where you are disappointed with yourself and own it.

For example, maybe your parents were a big disappointment. Maybe they didn’t raise you the way that you would have liked. Having to correspond with them is very frustrating because you are reminded of how dysfunctional they are. It’s easier to blame them for all that they did. It’s easier to repress any guilt or shame you hold knowing that you have probably inherited some of their dysfunctions. But if you unpack all of your previous actions/feelings, chase them back to the source, forgive yourself and your parents, and embody the peace that comes with letting all of that go…the frustration and disappointment subsides, not only toward your parents but toward most situations.

I can’t stress this enough…feeling into our bodies is so important. Learning to understand what our bodies are trying to communicate with us is critical to our health. When we feel an imbalance in our bodies, if we allow ourselves the time to really sit with it and take responsibility for what emotions are coming up for us, everything shifts.

We have all the knowledge we need within…all we have to do is take the time to listen, learn, and let go of all that doesn’t vibrate to the frequency of love. Then use that newly gained awareness to make new choices that allow our bodies to vibrate with excitement and joy.

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My passion is to delicately hold sacred space for each individual as they walk the path to their personal healing, guiding them to find their authentic power and leading them to live a life with complete freedom to be their unique selves.

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