The Healing Power of Reiki

Reiki is the process of channeling healing energy that activates the individual’s natural healing process so that their own internal intelligence system can aid in their healing and transformation.

Reiki is a Love Bath

The healing energy channeled literally feels like bathing in a love frequency.

How Does Reiki Work?

During a Biofield Tuning session, as we disentangle energetic imprints and move any stuck energy or thought patterns that create loops, we free up space and restore a balanced flow. Using the healing energy of Reiki after doing such deep work seals in the vibration of love and activates DNA on an even deeper level to relax the central nervous system and repair any damaged cells.

In addition to all the healing properties Reiki has to offer, it simply feels good. It’s wonderful to experience being nurtured and held after taking a vibrational journey through the unconscious memory banks we hold invisibly around us. If pain points or traumas come up in the field during a Biofield Tuning session, taking the time to send a little extra love to those areas that we’ve carried for so long is truly an opportunity for transformation.

Reiki has a very low detox effect in comparison to Biofield Tuning, so for the individuals who have current conditions, such as cancer or pregnancy, that do not allow for a Biofield Tuning session, Reiki is a very good option to help strengthen their immunity while providing love, comfort, warmth and relaxation.


  • Boosts Mood and Well Being
  • Calms Central Nervous System
  • Decreases Nausea
  • Enhances Quality of Life
  • Improves Sleep Patterns
  • Promotes Mindfulness
  • Relaxes Tension in Muscles and Joints
  • Relieves Stress and Anxiety
  • Tranquilizes Overactive Thoughts