“I very much enjoyed my first session with Jayme and look forward to many more. I felt relaxed and comfortable discussing my personal history while she did her work on my bio-field. She picked up on many important issues proving for me she is a talented healer. Highly recommend this work with Jayme to anyone wanting an upgrade.”

Jill R., Via Yelp

“Jayme put me back on my axis. Jayme’s expertise was more effective in one session that all of the ‘best’ medical specialists I have been seeing for the last two years.”

Joanna C., Via Yelp

“Even after 15 years of working with energy and psychology principles, I have found the use of tuning forks to be a definite benefit in identifying and resolving life events which have created lasting distress. Jayme brings a level of expertise and compassion to each session which makes it highly likely that you will experience a positive result.”

Larry Burton, Via Google

“I did research on Biofield Tuning practitioners before deciding on a practitioner. Jayme is amazing. She is experienced, talented, and highly intuitive in her abilities to read energy and help it heal. She accurately read the timeline of major events in my biofield and help clear up the static energy stuck in my biofield. I recently lost my beloved cat, and I am pretty sure he guided me to Jayme. Right after the session, she cleared up so much stuck energy that it took me a couple of days to process it all. In the days following, I felt a level of confidence that I had not felt in so long, my ability to solve problems creatively improved and having more clarity of thought. I am going back for more sessions with Jayme. It is worth the time, money, and effort. I recommend Jayme to all my friends and family!”

Stella L, Via Yelp

“I had a wonderful experience with Jayme Williams. Thank you Jayme so much for your kind words, the safe space and your openness during this healing therapy. I feel open and light, so much better than I was upon arrival. Thank you for sharing your wisdom, knowledge and grace to help me know myself better. I will practice self love as you recommended and have already journaled some of what came up during our session.”

Alice T., Via Yelp

“I was recently told that by the powers that be that I should seek out the assistance of an energy healer. Those same powers led me to Jayme. She is an absolute light worker and earth angel. I could not be more appreciative and grateful for her and her healing. After just two sessions, I am really beginning to feel the shift in both my energy and my consciousness. She is a blessing.”

Gary Day, Via Google

“Yesterday was the second session which I had with Jayme… I am a fan of biofield tuning and have had remote and in person session with several practitioners before, but Jayme seemed to be plugged into the field more acutely than anyone I have worked with.

There was, first of all, a certainty in her tone when she asked about what I was seeing or remembering or feeling, which just created a sense of confidence and confirmed with I was experiencing.  Due to the fact that many do not believe that remote energy work can be effective, some people are reluctant to do remote sessions.  But we live in a world of energy, our biofields are energy and everything is energy.  As we accept this as the norm we will be able to do so much to heal ourselves.

I feel that Jayme is a gifted practitioner and I highly recommend her.  Some people are born with gifts that are intact and ancient gifts.  I believe that Jayme is one of those people.  Sound healing and vibrational healing are going to be one of the most potent and popular modalities in the future.  And for us the future is now, luckily.  Thanks Jayme for your skill set.”

Niki Greenfield, Via Facebook

“I loved my session with Jayme, she is very knowledgeable in spiritual healing. I left feeling good about my life, she took her time took get to know my situation and help me. 10/10 recommend.”

Kristina N., Via Yelp

“I had the most wonderful experience with Jayme. I had a distance healing and despite being on the other side of the world I felt as though I was in fact in the same room as her. I had been experiencing anxiety which Jayme helped to clear. I highly recommend a healing with Jayme. If you are considering it, you have been lead here for a reason.”

Alicja Gear, Via Facebook

Read detailed testimonials about Distance Tuning Sessions specifically from clients all over the world!

“Are you interested in one of the most illuminating and deeply moving healing practices that is gently removing the veil of separation in all realms of energy? Look no further than Sacred Vibrational Therapy.

Jayme is a blessing to humankind, may we all receive this healing in one form or another to continue generating the life-force to radically change the collective unconscious and shift the world into a new vibration of harmony. ❤”

Mick Primmer, Via Facebook

“Jayme swept in like an angel. I have spent the last 6 years of my life healing. There are spaces within in me, energy blocks and even beliefs that I just can not heal on my own. Jayme’s work (even across states) felt as if I was being held and shown those areas and a loving force swept in to help me accept and release. One of my favorite healing sessions of all time and I have had many, many healing sessions. You feel Jayme’s compassion and love every moment during the session. I am so excited for more! Thank you Jayme, truly words can not explain.”

Alicia Kim Thompson, Via Facebook and Google

“Had the most amazing beautiful session yesterday with jayme!!! I highly highly recommend her !! The work she does is so powerful and so loving . The experience is one I will never forget and cherish . The release of ancestral energy was incredible.. the whole session was incredible. It’s a must!”

Marion Amael Hobbs, Via Facebook

“Jayme’s energy is gentle, loving and strong, and she powerfully guided my bio-field session over a call. Despite almost being at opposite ends of the planet, I could sense her right there next to me and was transported into a beautiful space of healing. The tuning vibrations were so perfect for my energy that day. After an unusually stressful patch in my life, the sacred sounds gently helped to remove all traces of anxiety and stress from my energy field. I felt transformed when I woke up the next morning. I highly recommend her sessions to anyone needing a boost – near or far.”

Nicola Fanucchi, Via Facebook

“It’s quite literally taken me a few weeks to get to a place where I can adequately describe the magic that happened in my session with Jayme, and yet words fail me. Personally, I got to travel back in time identify situations I had no idea where remotely significant, see the power they held in my subconscious & rewrite the entire story of my life.

This allowed me to rewrite multiple timelines, this is HUGE!

Like a house of cards collapsing all around me, offering me freedom from my past. No matter where you are in the world, Jayme has the alchemy to transport to in an instant to the safest place of absolute transformation. I am in Ireland & Jayme is in the USA & this was completely insignificant. Do not underestimate the magic available to you with the decision to contact this lady. This is life altering & if you are reading my words, then i highly recommend you remove any hesitation and book your session now.”

Melissa Deehan, Via Facebook

“I have had two bio field tuning sessions with Jayme. They were both incredible and very different. The first time I saw her, I was blown away by her intuitive insight, as she assisted me in clearing my energetic blocks. She held beautiful loving space as I moved through all the challenging times in this lifetime. By the end of that session, I felt energy moving through my body in a way I never had before.

My second session interestingly was on the same chakras, but the feminine side. Jayme held beautiful space for me as I worked through my blocks. During this session, we didn’t have as much discussion as we did the first time. She felt the beautiful space I was in and supported me in silence. I came out of that session completely at peace with a much deeper understanding of myself.

After each session, we had a wonderful discussion about what had occurred and she provided valuable guidance to further assist the integration of my breakthroughs.

Jayme is such a gifted healer. I love that she reaches out to you after her sessions to make sure your integration process is smooth. Mine always has been, but I know if I ever was having difficulty she would be there to assist me. I look forward to more sessions with her. Thank you, Jayme, you are a beautiful gift to this world.”

Amanda Renee, Via Facebook and Google

“I had a beautiful biofield session with Jayme. She was so nurturing and connected to me, even through a distance session I felt held. The alignment was just the support I needed to move through what is currently happening in my life. Thank you Jayme for introducing me to your powerful work and passion.”

Brandy Jordan, Via Facebook

“Jayme is such an amazing healer and soul. To know her is such a gift. To receive her amazing healing work, that is something to be treasured. This was my first experience with Biofield Tuning and to say that it was essential and transformation is an understatement. Her own energy is so gentle, yet extremely powerful. Her work will meet you where you are at and help you grow from there.

There were things that she cleared from my energetic field that were present from BIRTH and past lives. I felt the power of the Universe working through her, for me. I felt so held in Light and Love, it was easy to breathe through the work and clear Shadows and ancient memories that no longer serve me.

This work will help recode your DNA to help transform how you experience life on all levels: spiritual, mental, emotional, physical, and of course, energetically!

As a body worker, intuitive healer, yoga instructor, and spiritual coach, I will return to Jayme for tuning in deeper, healing, and expansion work. She is a healer for the healers and has a heart bigger than sea. Go see her, you won’t regret it! Thank you so much, Jayme!”

Heidi Summers, Via Facebook and Google

“I have known Jayme for over 20 years and have watched her blossom into a compassionate and powerful healer. Her spiritual journey has led her to start Sacred Vibrational Healing!

I’ve tried various healing modalities over the years, from traditional therapy, to Healing Touch to Reiki. My sessions with Jayme, doing bio tuning, have by far been the most powerful and healing for me. Jayme truly has the gift of love, intuition and and intense healing power. Her calm and nurturing demeanor infuses her sessions with peace and pure whole hearted healing.”

Mercedes Adams Ugalde, Via Facebook and Google

“WOW! I recently had an AMAZING experience with Jayme during a Biofield Tuning session over the phone.

I am so incredibly grateful that she is showing up and working her light in this way. She is so talented and overflows with so much love and light!

Not only did she help me discover & heal childhood wounds, but she also channeled a message from my ancestors that allowed me to have a dream visitation from my grandmother who recently passed away.

She painted such beautiful and vivid pictures to allow for the healing to take place in my field. I felt light. I felt love. I felt peace.

I highly recommend Sacred Vibrational Therapy to all who feel called to embark on a healing journey with such a beautiful and powerful lightworker. THANK YOU SO MUCH, JAYME!”

Grecia Karlsson, Via Facebook and Google

Read detailed testimonials about Distance Tuning Sessions specifically from clients all over the world!

“I didn’t know what to expect going into my first biofield tuning session with Jayme, as I had never had one before. The experience was profound and beautiful. I cannot wait to go back.

During the tuning session, I was amazed at what Jayme was picking up on as she moved through pivotal emotional moments in my life (completely unprompted by me). It felt like magic. She also identified a longtime injury on my knee (one I hadn’t mentioned) and did some physical healing work on it. Two days later I was able to jog on it, and it still feels great.

The integration process after my first session has been fascinating. I can tell that I’ve experienced a shift in my perspective and have an increased awareness in the emotional areas Jayme explored during the session. At the end of the session, I felt a calmness and was bubbling with joy. I felt taller inside my body — if that even makes any sense?! What a surreal and moving experience! I cannot wait to go back and dig deeper, as I can see how there would be a cumulative effect in addition to a maintenance practice. It feels like chiropractic care for your soul.”

Gigi Causey Bowler, Via Facebook and Google

“The bio field tuning session I had with Jayme, totally blew me away. She picked up on very specific blocks and times in my life and I could feel the energy shifting within me and around me as the blocks were released. My whole body felt as if it was buzzing and floating at the same time and yet incredibly peaceful. I felt the sound and vibration of the angelic tuning fork right to my core… and it was beautiful. Jayme’s presence is so calm and reassuring and she has the ability to hone in intuitively on where you’re at. I felt safe, held, seen, heard, honoured and loved and would highly recommend anyone to experience the benefits of the amazing healing she offers. I feel like a weight has been lifted from me and I am forever grateful to her. Amazing!”

Sally Claridge, Via Facebook

“Jayme is true healer.   Upon first meeting her, I knew I had found the one for which I had searched. I started seeing her earlier this year as part of my spiritual care and I have continued to do so on a monthly. I so look forward to the time that I feel fortunate enough to spend with her. She really is magical. She possesses such a unique and beautiful wisdom for things in both the material and spiritual worlds. Thank you Jayme!  I most highly recommend her!!”

Gary D., Via Yelp

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Jayme several times and each time I am completely blown away by how gifted she is. When I first experienced bio-tuning through Jayme, I was impressed by her technique and gentle way of moving the stuck energy within my body. Each session, I feel, builds on one another, and after 3 sessions, I had a huge breakthrough. I was able to clear some deep maternal wounds, and as a result, mend the relationship with my mother.

I love trying different modalities and have experienced many. I believe the practitioner is just as important as the modality itself. I highly recommend Jayme. She is knowledgeable, patient and kind, and is a trusting open channel for healing.”

Ally P., Via Yelp

“Had an incredible experience with Jayme and was able to identify hidden memories that were the base for recurring patterns. Felt very relaxed and content with everything in the days and weeks that followed. Jaymes knowledge and precision, provides a truly remarkable therapeutic modality that actually works.”

Anthony R., Via Yelp

“I was very happy with the services and recommend it. I am going to book another session . Def. worth every penny and more.”

Danica F., Via Yelp

“This woman is AMAZING. Truly a remarkable session– I went in not knowing what to expect, but Jayme is truly a remarkable healer.”

A S., Via Yelp

“Our experience with Jayme so far has been exactly what we had hoped and more. Her ability to pinpoint the times in our past needing balancing with such precision is proof (for anyone that might need it 🙂 that biofield tuning is true healing. Jayme’s follow support is just as good as her practice. 5 stars all the way! Can’t wait to go back ! 🙏”

Steve Sharman, Via Google