Oct 16

Destiny Number Nine

The past couple months have been crisis, after crisis, after crisis for myself and my family. It’s such a strange world we are navigating through at the moment…

In my inner realm, there is a momentous wave toward clarity and vibrancy. Time is moving quickly and I’m in complete flow. Everything is syncing up in magical ways and potentials are proving to be •limitless•.

In my outer realm, there seems to be a curious lull. Chaos, conflict and confusion are surfacing at each turn, but underneath it all, there is an unusual stillness where time seems to be moving slowly. In this outer realm, I can feel subtle electrical-magnetic pulses…and each pulse gives •rise• to the sensation that something is coming.

Each present moment that we step into is a choice point. We can choose to let the chaos get the best of us, or we choose to see the •potential• that lies within the chaos.

Superficiality with ourselves and with others is slowly coming to an end. We have been pushed out of auto pilot and are seeing/feeling our true realty for the very first time. As we step into becoming more present, we are given the opportunity to •reinvent• a new normal.

The doorway leading to the greatest renaissance era that humanity has ever experienced is within arms reach. Do you see it? Can you feel it?

The creative energy that is currently anchoring upon our planet is unprecedented. This boundless energy has been (and is being) seeded into our hearts…all we have to do is •allow• these seeds to blossom.

With each crisis I’ve had to navigate through, I’ve found it so healing to pause and drop into my •creative• self. This vibrational artwork has been a labor of love for me over the past couple of months…gently and generously offering wisdom as I journeyed through the frequencies of patience and determination.

Working with light codes (a) helps me to stay centered during chaos, (b) helps keep my heart open during conflict, (c) helps me stay focused on the beauty in the world when the world feels like a dark and harsh place. Bringing these codes to form serves as a tool to unlock and embody the remembrance that •we are one•.

Now back into the cave I go,
Where time moves both fast and slow.
With an inner knowing that change is here,
And the peace in my heart that oneness is near.

“If you look at the state of the mass consciousness on our planet today you will see a universal mutation underway. Our entire species is undergoing a deep genetic quantum leap. As you come to terms with your personal fears, humanity comes to terms with its collective fears. The very fact that you are reading this right now is telling you that life is examining itself in enormous depth, and in doing so it is discovering all manner of anomalies or glitches in its programming matrix. As each glitch is observed, it is deleted, and as each fear is accepted, it diminishes. Beneath the old genetic code a new one is thus revealing itself.”

-Richard Rudd, Gene Key 5


About The Author

My passion is to delicately hold sacred space for each individual as they walk the path to their personal healing, guiding them to find their authentic power and leading them to live a life with complete freedom to be their unique selves.

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